Beach at Progreso, Yucatan with small boats
Progreso, Mérida’s port and also a port for cruise ships is on the north coast of the Yucatán peninsula. Five
hundred miles of coke bottle green Gulf of México waters stretch out in all directions before it.  Fresh briny
sea breezes make this relatively new town in old tropical Mexico positively pleasant.These waters have been
a link to the outside world from ancient times when the Chantal Maya of Tabasco, with their large sea-going
sailing trade canoes, came to collect sun dried sea salt from the extensive lagoons that rim this arid coast.
In the days when the Maya plied this coast before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, Progreso did not
An old British Admiralty navigational chart of Yucatán dating from 1840 merely listed “Huts” in the spot where
Progreso is today. Progreso was only accessible by boat back then.  
Today Progreso is a world port with a population of nearly 54,000 and the conduit for maritime commerce.
Commercial fishing based at the dredged port of Yucalpetén west of downtown, and tourism, spurred by the
huge influx of cruise ship visitors, give Progreso a solid economic base.

The trip from Mérida to Progreso is easy.  The secret to this easy trip is that we take the Autoprogreso bus
that departs its terminal on Calle 62 located between Calle 65 and 67 in downtown Mérida.  We stow our
bicycles in the luggage space for the forty-five minute ride in air-conditioned comfort. Buses depart every 20
minutes, and we often wave the bus down along Calle 60 near the technical school and our home, north of
downtown, rather than go to the terminal.
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Yucatán's Magic-Mérida Side Trips:Treasures of Mayab

Yucatán’s Magic–Mérida Side Trips: Treasures of Mayab, looks beyond the obvious popular tourist
attractions, the luxury coastal resorts, and the modern conveniences of big cities, to discover the unique
From the Puuc hills to the extensive coast of Yucatán there are thousands of kilometers of paved quiet roads
through countless Mayan villages interspersed with colonial haciendas, and ancient Mayan ruins, all there just
waiting for your visit.
This is photo-op and bird watching country that is the very finest this planet has to offer.
Over a quarter of a century of driving, busing, and cycling this unique end of the world, while living in Mérida,
Yucatán, México, led the author to compile an impressive collection of outings that are the foundation for this
book, built one story at a time.
For the armchair traveler and people that have been to Yucatán before and think that they have done
Yucatan’s Magic–Mérida Side Trips will open the door to another side of life not presented in
tours or guided excursions.
This isn’t just a guide book but an idea book. It is something of another element to give you direction with
your guide books like
Lonely Planet or Moon Guide.
The book is not made to compete with guidebooks—it is made to complement them.
In the book you will find the author’s favorite travel adventure trips of the places, excursions and outings,
which he likes for different reasons. Among them; tranquility, history, a view of picturesque villages, a
connection with the ancient Maya, changing landscape, and a look at another aspect of life, which will take
you out of the mainstream and off the beaten path.
Many of the excursions have been by bicycle and bus. Bicycle and bus excursions in Yucatán are by far the
most inexpensive you will ever take and can be the most rewarding in not only health benefits but also in
memorable experiences.
For an adventure that takes you out of the mainstream to explore some of this peaceful, and fascinating
world, follow in the author’s path to the places without trinket shops and tour buses.
Take a glimpse at some of Yucatán that tourists miss most!
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El Puerto de Progreso: A popular beach town with white sand beaches, sunshine, fresh air, and delicious
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Location:: Calle 31, between Calle 94
and Calle 96.  Calle 31 is the street on
the north side of the city building.  Head
west on Calle 31.  Cross Calle 94 and
look for Yum Ixpu upstairs in a building
on the north side, .Open every day 11
a.m. to 6 p. m., except Mondays.  
Bicycle friendly.
Phone 969 935 1613

Another favorite in Progreso
Plate of ceviche and two Leon beers
Yum Ixpu is one of our
favorite seafood
restaurants in Progreso
featuring fresh fish from
the fishermen.
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Downtown Progreso
Two blocks from the beach on

Calle 78 near the corner of
Calle 23

Great French press coffee -
Cold Beer and a large
selection of delicious seafood
and Mexican cuisine.  Open for
breakfast at 8:30 a.m.
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