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Something Special in Mérida

3,500 years ago the Olmec Indians made an earth shattering discovery
that led to the most advanced stand alone civilization in the Western
The perfect balance of carbohydrate and protein from a single source
was achieved by boiling corn,
maíz, together with powdered lime
This seemingly simple discovery gave these people the key to
achievement through balanced nutrition that ultimately brought forth
the amazing Mayan civilization.
The bountiful corn crop flourished well and this basic essential food
did not need tampering with.
Today this wondrous nutritionally balanced food is being corrupted by
corporate marketing greed that fries it to death in grease of
questionable origins and then adds ersatz chemicals to artificially
color, flavor and enhance aroma. Corn cobs are even ground into the
corn meal to add bulk and weight that leaves the finished product
tasting like cardboard. We call these tortillas made from this faked
product; “tortillas de carton” or cardboard tortillas.
The simple truth is that the uncorrupted natural product is healthy,
nutritional and even tastes and smells exquisite.
Do not despair, you can still find the real thing in many places around
At the corner of 9 and 22 in San Antonio Cinta, Santiago Pereira
Zaldivar, the proud owner awaits you. His tortillas and tostadas are  
worth the trip
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Caffé Latte - Itzimna
Olive Café Stop - Paseo de Montejo
Good Breakfasts! Tikal Restaurant on
Calle 57 between Calles 56 and 58
La Carreta Cubana II - Mexico Oriente -
Beer with abundant botanas.
La Terreza del Norte Express
Emiliano Zapata Norte on Calle 33 and
Prolongation de Montejo

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"Faces of Mérida Carnival.
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"Celebration of the Jaguar"
MÉRIDA; DANZA de la CABEZA de COCHINO    This traditional Mayan festival still takes place annually in Colonial
Emiliano Zapata Norte six kilometers north of Merida’s central zocolo on the east side of the Prolongation de
Montejo which is a popular neighborhood that still clings to it’s traditional ancestral customs. They kick off the
Mayan “Pol kek’en” festival or “Danza de la Cabaza de Cochino”, (Dance of the pig’s head) that is of pre-Hispanic
origins. New Year’s Eve dinner consists of roast turkey salbutes and caldo authentic Mayan specialties handed
down over the centuries.                        
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