Dialing a local number in Mexico
Mérida is in the Mexican area code [lada] 999. If you are in 999, and want to call another number in
999, dial just the final seven digits, such as 944-0000.
Exception: to call a local cell phone from a local land line, add 044 to the start of the number,ten digit
number,  044-999-260-0591. It's not usually necessary to dial 044 in front of a local cellphone number
when calling it from another local cell phone. In that case you would just dial 999-260-0591.

Dialing long distance within Mexico
To dial a land line outside of your area code in Mexico, prefix the ten digit number with 01. A Progreso
number 969 934-4567 becomes 01 969 934-4567 from elsewhere in Mexico.
To dial a long distance cell phone from a land line, prefix the number with 045 instead of 01.
To dial long distance from cell phone of one area code, to a cell phone of another code, just dial the full
ten digit number like 999-260-0591.

Dialing the US and Canada from Mexico
The international access code from Mexico is 00, and the country code for the US is 1 (the same as the
long-distance code in the US and Canada).

To dial a US number from Mexico, just add 00-1 to the start. For example, to reach 656-636-0114, dial
The same applies to call any numbers in the "1" country code. An exception: US 800 numbers are
dialed differently. US 800 numbers are NOT free from Mexico, and you need to alter the area code to
make them work.
An 800 number is dialed as 001 880 followed by the number - 800-555-8648 becomes
For other toll-free numbers, replace the area code 888 with 881, 887 with 882, and 886 with 883.

Dialing other countries from Mexico
To call any other country from Mexico, it's the international access code (00 followed by the country
code and the local number.
For many countries like the UK and Australia, first drop the leading zero on the local number.

Dialing Mexico from the US or Canada
To call a Mexican land line from the US or Canada, dial the international access code (011 from those
countries), then the country code 52 for Mexico, the Mexican area code [
lada] such as 999, then the
local number. 011 52 999-944-000.
However, it is different if you are calling a Mexican cell phone number. You add a 1 after the country
code and before the area code. Calling a Mexican cell phone from the US is 0
11 52 1 999 260-0591.

Dialing Mexico from other counties
When calling Mexico from countries outside of North America, the rules are the same: the international
access code, then 52 then the area code then the number.
To call a Mexican cell phone you need to insert the 1 after the country code.
©2010 Jane A. Grimsrud