With the passing of the storm many homes were lost and almost none escaped damage. This was also
true for the wildlife of the Yucatan . Bird’s nests were gone and even worse for some species like the
“chupaflor” or hummingbird, their source of food was gone when all of the trees were defoliated and
no flowers remained.
The series of pictures that follow tell more than a thousand words could explain.
Our Lupita went out on the street and spotted this little humming bird that was about to gasp its last.
Having a loving heart she instinctively nurtured the little creature back to life with honey that she
hand fed to it. Slowly it regained its strength and eventually flew off only to return an hour later for
another super charge of Lupita’s sweet honey. That did the trick and the little bird departed and was
finally on its own…thank you Lupita!

                                      Lupita finds an exhausted hummingbird


The hummingbird has recovered and it is time to say “Goodbye”

           The hummingbird sentimentally lingers before making its final farewell!
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