La Carreta Cuban II Mexico Oriente Merida Yucatan
            Lunch at our favorite cantina

Our favorite place for lunch is La Carreta Cubana II cantina.    This is a cantina where entire
families go for a delicious lunch at reasonable prices.  It is a tradition in Merida that when a
cold beer is served, it is accompanied by several plates of botanas (snacks).  Typical dishes
include refried bean, tortilla chips, cubed beets, quibis, hummus (garbanzo dip) macaroni in
tomato sauce, pickled potato salad, tacos of cochinita pibil and the list goes on.   

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             La Carreta Cubana II
Calle 27 entre 18 y 20, Col. Mexico Oriente, Mérida, Yucatán
Four years later and we are still enjoying La Carreta Cubana II, Nov. 2008. For photos,
check  out our recent visit with bikers Rourke.  
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