4. How to wash and dry, your hammock.
Like any item associated with where you sleep your hammock needs regular washing.
This process is easy, quick and uncomplicated.
At our house we try to wash more than two hammocks at a time because when you get set up to wash it is similar to a
production line.
Step 1; IMPORTANT; make sure that the ends of your hammock are tied together when you take it down or out of
storage. (Tie the “sogas”, end ropes with an overhand knot, do not untie this knot until you are ready to hang your
hammock up to dry.)
Step 2; using three of four five gallon plastic buckets, fill the first half full of water with sudsy laundry soap. While you
are plunging your first hammock in the soap suds, fill the remaining buckets with rinse water. (This speeds up the
Next; insert your hammock in the sudsy water and hand plunge it at least twenty times.
About the time you have done this your second bucket should be full of rinse water so you can begin the three step
rinse process.
Hand wring your hammock and place it in each one of the rinse buckets each time plunging it about twenty times.
After the third rinse and hand wringing your hammock is ready to sun dry.
Note; using your original sudsy wash water for each hammock you will find that some of the rinse water can also be
reused. We always finish the rinse process of every hammock with clean clear water. This is all done outdoors so
that this wash water ultimately goes to the garden for recycling.

Step 3; Hammocks being sun dried; a clothes line makes a satisfactory place.
IMPORTANT; when you are ready to untie your hammock ropes take care not to tangle the ends. Carefully secure
one end to a place of your liking and then stretch out the hammock reasonably tight and secure the other end. We
fortunately have a rooftop garden patio fitted with hammock hooks which makes this process quick and easy.
Next spread your hammock open like you see in the above photo. A stick, broom or whatever you have will work; let
the sun do the rest.

Step 4; IMPORTANT; before you use your clean dry hammock hang it in its place and bunching it together sit in the
middle and do as I am doing in the above photos. Rocking from side to side will evenly stretch the strings and restore
your hammock to its former shape.
Now its time to luxuriate and enjoy the fabulous fresh-air aroma and restored comfort of your self-indulging
Yucatecan hammock.   

5. Other tricks and accessories such as mosquito nets and their use.    
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