If entertainment is what you are after try these street venders who are tops in salesmanship and sure to give you an
education that might not be available at the best universities. Jane and I have made purchases from both of these
fine gentleman in years gone by and we are still marveling at their low-key approach that has always made us come
away feeling like losers.
3. What to buy, where to buy and how to buy your hammocks in Yucatán.
Calle 58 #579A x 73
In downtown Mérida, Yucatán
Hamacas El Aguacate is a very reliable place to acquire a good hammock.
Hammocks Yucatan where to buy
Calle 58 #579A x 73
Tixkokob, Yucatán
If your interest in hammocks goes beyond just the purchase, you will find the little town of Tixkokob, 25
kilometers east of Mérida an entertaining place to visit. Down the side streets in many homes you will see  
wooden frames known as a
bastidor that are employed in the fabrication of Yucatecan hammocks. In the photo
below  Manuela Chaké is fabricating a hammock for a special order of the finest of cotton thread. This finished
hammock will require five weeks of hand stitching to complete because of ithe small sized thread.
The town’s people are very friendly and sure to invite you in for photos and conversation.
Using a heavy gauge of cotton twine and lightning fast knitting technique Malavera Guerra will complete
this hammock in five of six days of diligent effort. The big thread makes for much faster fabrication but
comfort is then a casualty.  Her husband Miguel Angle Guerra travels over one-hundred kilometers to the
coastal town of Celestún where he is a street sellerof hammocks and other knitted products like hanging
chairs and the hammocks with wooden spreader bars that the tourists insist upon.
Royal Turkey) where you will find a wide variety of hammock related products.
(Our ground transport consists of our folding bicycles that stow aboard the buses.)
These novelty items have eye appeal but turn up short when it comes to comfort and only find a market with
the hammock novices. The local Yucatecan’s know better.

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Buying Yucatecan  hammocks on the web.