2. How to store and stow your hammock.          

      To store your hammock first begin by unhooking one end from the wall hook.

Coil your hammock evenly always in the same direction, one coil at a time…like this.

Just one coil at a time…putting the entire coiled hammock in one hand…like this.

         Notice how easy it is keeping the coils even.


          Finally we have reached the end of the coiling.

Next with your free hand reach through the center of all the coils and take the rope, like this.

 Bring the rope through the coils and just hook it up on the hanger…you are done!

This is what your stored hammock should look like. For all you sailors out there this is the same procedure used for
hanging halyards on a sailboat…quick, easy and simple.

Next to uncoil your hammock.  This is not exactly just the opposite procedure. First care must be taken not to snarl
your end strings. (They can be straightened but you will be wasting valuable hammock stretching time, so take
Keep one hand through the coils as you unfurl.

    Notice that the coils are being evenly and systematically unfurled one at a time…easy.


                Here we are at the last coil and almost ready to hook the other end.

For contrast in hammock sizes, Jane opens a commodious 2 kilo hammock that is our preferred size at home.     

Yes, bigger is better. Luxuriate in the comfort that makes Yucatan an irresistible place to linger. Two kilos are a
bargain that will give you many a year of rewarding pleasures.  

3. What to buy, where to buy and how to buy your hammock.  Go to next page, click here.
Hammocks Yucatan how to store
hammocks Yucatan folding
Oops! This looks like a mess.
Normally this does not happen,
but if it does don’t panic.  First
remember not to turn loose the
end of your hammock and
always keep it in hand. Eying
down your hammock take the
twists out of the end furthest
away from you, next untwist the
end near your hand.
This is the end nearest your
hand, with twists in it. Still
holding the end of the
hammock in one hand, take
your free hand to keep the
straightened portion of the
hammock in order, next remove
the last twists and you are
ready to hook it up and climb in.
This is what your straightened
hammock should look like.