The Yucatecan hammock is the most versatile, most easily stowed and comfortably sensible furniture item
that is perfectly suited to tropical living and you can easily take them anywhere.
Yucatecan hammocks lend themselves well to an easy going laidback atmosphere that goes hand in
glove with the natural ambiance of ecologically friendly tall shade trees or cool high ceiling open-air
tropical dwellings.
The following hammock related information is presented with captioned photos;:

1. How to optimize the pleasure of your Yucatecan hammock.          
2. How to store and stow your hammock.                                               
3. What to buy, where to buy and how to buy your hammock.                  
4. How to wash and dry your hammock.
5. Other tricks plus accessories such as mosquito nets and their use.
6. A brief history and additional speculative information.

1. How to optimize the pleasures of your Yucatecan hammock.
Hammocks Yucatan Jane
hammocks Yucatan how to use
This is the laid-back life-style slouch position where the magical Yucatecan hammock mysteriously
sucks the initiative painlessly out of your reposed body. Above is a 1.5 kilo size.
specified parameters; hangers two meters high and four meters apart.
When you adjust the catenary angle and it is comfortably correct, like the angle of an anchor rode on a moored
boat you will achieve the best in comfort. Remember that the coolest place in a room is on the floor, so get your
hammock down there as close as possible by adjusting the ropes. I am sure that you will find as we have that a
tight hammock is not only dangerous but also not comfortable or relaxing.
Mayan Hammock Yucatan
Getting in: Jane first finds the center of this one kilo hammock which we find to be just
about the smallest weight that is comfortable for one person of our size. We consider is
adequate for our various travels including bicycle excursions.
Just like getting into a canoe, first you must find the center then get in and the load is balanced and
The one kilo hammock is stretched to the limits, but the magical comfort is still enticingly
satisfying. Lying diagonally you are as horizontal as you would be in a bed.
behind your head will also elevate it and with experimentation you will be sure to find your favorite
adjustments for reading or just snoozing.
A full 90º puts you into the easy-chair position that has numerous possibilities. Here with feet down and head up.
So dangle your feet and elevate your head…it is relaxing entertainment.
This is not just a hammock; it is a very versatile piece of furniture. As you can see the possibilities are nearly
endless as Jane takes her new easy chair position.  
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