OF CHRISTOPHER AND HANNA
The second of the 13 children of Christopher and Hanna;

2.  MARTIN GRIMSRUD was born 2 December 1862
on the Grimsrud farm at Skoger, Norway and baptized at the
family church in Sande, Norway.

Martin was the first son of his parents, Christopher and Hanna and in line to be the one to inherit their farm. For
some undisclosed reason he chose instead to immigrate to America, where he first settled in Minnesota first in Dane
County and next Pope County.
He then later moved on to Superior, Wisconsin where in 1881 he married Randi Hove later changed to Hoff, born 24
July 1862. Randi had two children from a previous marriage, Alfred and Louis who Martin adopted and they took the
name of Grimsrud.

Martin and Randi had four children of their own; Hannah Josephine born 1889, Roy Clarence born 1893,
Marvin Oscar born 1896 and Fred Henry born 1900.

1869 along with his wife Karen Antonette Christonsdatter Grytebakke. (Note; to read more about go to the 1869
along with his wife Karen Antonette Christonsdatter Grytebakke.
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Evidently Anders had a powerful influence on his cousin Martin who then came to Atwater, Minnesota in America and
then became established and went on to assist many of his 12 brothers and sisters to immigrate.
My grandfather, Christ C.C. Grimsrud owes his opportunities in America to his brother Martin who not only helped
him to immigrate but taught him the meat market business and even helped him to go into his own private business.



The Martin Grimsrud Meat Market on Connors Point
This was the first grocery store in Superior and Connors Point was the sight of the first settlement at the
“Head of the Lakes” within the present day harbor of Duluth-Superior.
Note: This market was pictured in the book, Eye of the North-West, 1889 by Frank A. Flower.
Grimsrud later opened a second meat market at 1306 North 5th Street that remained in the family until
the 1950s.

Martin and Randi had four children

1. HANNAH JOSEPHINE, born 26 April, 1889 first child of Martin and Randi

The following is a transcription from a monthly church magazine featuring the life of Grace (Foss)
Erickson, granddaughter of Martin Grimsrud:
GRACE ERICKSON; granddaughter of Martin and Randi Grimsrud; daughter of Hannah Grimsrud Foss and Arthur
“Spotlight on members: Grace Erickson”
Grace Foss Erickson grew up in Great Lakes territory, in Superior, Wisconsin.
Her father worked across the bay in Duluth, Minnesota, as a crane operator for Morton Salt Company. As in many
families in small town America in the early years of the century, grace’s grandparents lived right next door.
In the notorious influenza epidemic of 1918, her mother died, and Grace went live with her great aunt and uncle.
“They were so wonderfully kind to me and gave and gave me everything they could. I had a good life with them and
loved them very dearly. I livid with them until I as married.” Grace’s father was transferred to Milwaukee; when he
remarried some years later, Grace’s brother, who had been living with their grandparents went to live with his dad.
Grace grew up in the Lutheran Church, in a congregation her grandparents had helped to found and which all her
relatives attended. She faithfully attended Sunday School, sang alto in the choir, and in her teens taught
kindergarten class. There were few children in her neighborhood of mostly older people, so she easily developed a
strong interest in reading. Piano and voice lessons also kept her busy.

She and George Erickson met in high school. They both sang in the glee club and in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas,
and were cast opposite each other in the senior play.
President Calvin Coolidge’s summer retreat was on the nearby Brule River, a prolific trout stream and a fly fisherman’
s paradise. During the summer of 1928, Grace-as one of a quartet-sang on two Sundays for the Coolidge’s. One
morning future president Herbert Hoover was among the guests.
“I always knew that I was going to college.” The Normal School (now part of the University of Wisconsin) was right
across the street, and Grace prepared to teach primary grades. “The superintendent of schools in Owen,
Wisconsin, saw me practice teaching in a class of slower students. He offered me a job and although Owen was 200
miles from home, I felt luck to have a job at all in the midst of the Depression. My salary was $90 a month. “Four of
us teachers lived in a boarding house, and I spent 6 years teaching there”

After high school, George had gone to work on an ore carrier, sailing all the Great Lakes. During the winter months,
he took a variety of jobs. For five years, he and Grace had “talked about marriage,” and in 1938 when George had
a steady job as city clerk at City Hall, they could afford to be married. Grace left teaching (“very few married women
worked”)  and the couple settled down and became very active in their Lutheran church, Son Sheldon was born,
then daughter Jan.
“Over the years I taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, was president of the women’s society. Luther League (for
teens) met on Sunday nights and many Sunday afternoons Sheldon would announce that he need a cake for that
evening. This was before cake mixes were known or stores were open on Sunday.
Grace and other music lovers organizes a concert series that was popular. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra came
to Superior as did Todd Duncan, a black singer from Washington D.C. and many other notable artists. George
involved himself in politics and became a hard worker for Harold Stassen.

When WWII arrived, the Butler Architectural and Engineering Company opened a shipyard in Superior where
Corvettes (boats) were built and launched. George was a painting superintendent of the shipyard. On one occasion,
when five ships were to be launched on the same day, the Dionne quintuplets-age 7-christened the ships.
In 1954, George was asked by Harold Stassen to take a short assignment in Europe as part of the U.S. foreign aid
operations, advising builders how to use modular housing. He worked with construction engineers in 14 countries of
Europe and Scandinavia. After the agreed upon 3 months, Mr. Stassen asked him to stay in the job for a longer
period. “Not without the family,” said George and so after Sheldon finished high school, the family moved to Paris.
“Jan cried at leaving her American friends, but then she cried 2 years later when she left her Paris friends,” recalls
Grace. Sheldon worked in the U.S. Embassy and attended Sorbonne. Jan went to the American School in Paris.
Grace learned some French-“enough to do the marketing,” and the family took every opportunity to travel in Europe.
In 1956, they returned to the United States, and were soon in Washington, where George worked once more for the
Butler Company. When Butler closed their Washington office, George went to work for HUD and stayed with that
agency until he retired 18 years later.

The Erickson’s bought one of the new houses in Huntington Parkway and began looking for a church. “We visited
Christ Lutheran on Old Georgetown Road and a Presbyterian church on Bradley, and then one Sunday we attended
Bethesda Methodist. We loved Dr. Marion Michael’s preaching, and soon after we signed the visitor’s card, John
Rhuling and Dr. Coale visited us. “We knew that BUMC was the church for us.”
Dorothy Cuphaver invited Grace to a circle meeting at Alma Evan’s home and she instantly felt welcomed by this
group of comfortable, friendly women. Years later, when Jan’s son Kevin Baker was born, he was baptized at

George became president of the men’s club and a symbol of the annual Pancake Supper. He was a trustee and
oversaw painting and construction projects. Grace served on several committees of the Women’s Society, chairing
the sunshine committee and was a representative to Epworth House.

When George’s health problems became severe, he and Grace moved to Georgetown Village, off Nicholson lane.
Until he died in 1986, he attended services in a wheelchair.” I am so glad that we were able to celebrate our Golden
Wedding Anniversary in the summer of 1985. Our relatives from all over the country were there.
With her beautiful penmanship, “learned in the old style,” Grace was in demand to make entries in our Memorial
Book and-as a volunteer-to address envelopes for White House Christmas cards and Inaugural Invitations. “I don’t
do that any more; I wish I could but my hand isn’t steady enough.”

Grace enjoys selected television programs. “I have to confess. I’ve watched As the World Turns for 35 years.” She
also likes Jeopardy, the news, PBS music programs, and Redskins games.

Sheldon lives in Wisconsin now, “He always loved the outdoors.” Jan, married to Bill Brose, lives in Potomac and
brings Grace to church when she can. Both Jan and her son Kevin work in for Capitol Consulting Company. “Jan
and Bill are among my greatest blessings. Because of them, I’m able to stay in my own place and I’m grateful for
that. Kevin is 25 now and is a great joy to me. I’m a fortunate women. My circle members are kind and caring.
Someone brings me tapes of the worship service-a wonderful thing the church does for shut-ins. Friends visit me
and I am happy. How blessed I am.”

In August, Grace flew with the Broses to Superior for an Erickson family reunion. She worshipped in her home
church (whose 100th Anniversary she attended in 1987). On November 21 this gracious lady-who loves life and
Bethesda Church-will celebrate her 83 birthday.

(Note; Grace Erickson was a major contributor to the information that has gone into this Grimsrud family
history. Grace not only supplied me with countless newspaper clippings and photos but she also was
able to relate to me many stories that have made this document into a fascinating and much more
personal story.
You will find her listed among the contributors at the end of this history.



2. ROY CLARENCE  was born 7 December 1893, the second child of Martin and Randi

3. MARVIN OSCAR, born 19 April, 1896 was the third child of Martin and Randi

4. FRED HENRY  born 31 March, 1900  was the 4th child of Martin and Randi.
He married Sarah Mae Murphy and they had 5 sons: Ward, Tom, Bill, Fred and Dick

In the center of this photo is Fred, born 1931, the son of Fred Henry and grandson of Martin C.  With
Fred in this photo are: Back Row: a son-in-law, Fred’s wife Julie, Fred, Lisbeth Grimsrud (visiting from
Norway) and Fred,s daughters, Linda and Diane.  Front Row: Fred’s five grandchildren.

Fred Lee Grimsrud hosted a memorial for his deceased wife, Juliana
"Meteraud" Grimsrud, (born May 18, 1931 and died September 16, 2006) at the pavilion in Lake
WI,  July 7, 2007. He was joined by 53 of his relatives and
approximately 35 of her relatives. Shannon Kyle, brother Toms
granddaughter, of Texas composed and took the "Grimsrud Family Members"
picture herein.

Below are the names of the people that correspond with the numbers above:

1      Jason Botkin
2      Shannon Kyle
3      James Grimsrud
4     Annette "Grimsrud" Kyle
5     Linda "Grimsrud", "Lind" Anderson
6     Joshua Lind
7     Rolf Grimsrud, grandson of Christ
8     William John Grimsrud
9     Eunice Grimsrud Matson, wife of Rolf
10   Roxanne "Lapinski" Grimsrud
11   Tammy "Grimsrud" Johnson
12     Richard Alan Grimsrud
13    Michael Coyle
14   Gary Hoven
15    Elizabeth "Grimsrud","Fuller" Botkin
16    Kathleen "Williams" Grimsrud
17    Mary Ann "La Voy" Grimsrud
18    Matthew Nelson
19   Renee Fleming,she is Matt's EX-finance'
20   Sarah Lind
21   Fanjie "Meng" Nelson
22   Daniel Nelson
23   Cindy "Grimsrud" Miller
24   Anne "Lind" Grimsrud
25   Timothy Grimsrud
26    Diane " East", "Gunderson" Grimsrud

Note; the following was submitted by Tom Grimsrud of Texas the older brother of Fred. It is about the
day of the memorial, July 7, 2007.

The weather was the typical warm with slightly breezy summer
day so the younger children were soon playing in the lake.

The rest of the group was soon involved with looking over pictures of the other families and talking up
a storm. The socializing came to an end when mealtime was

The meal was featured with "pig on a spit" with all the trimmings.
Prior to breaking up, the 50+/- year old cousins all decided they needed
more time together so they made plans to go and party at William Jays
property at nearby Lake Ellison.

On their way they passed one of the numerous and famous Wisconsin taverns where beer was obtained.

That afternoon and evening all had a memorable time sitting around a huge bonfire telling some
true/untrue tales about things that they had heard or seen while growing up. This "Hair Down" gathering
ended with the Yankee cousins stating they were going to Texas for another "cousins" gathering in the

Fred Henry Grimsrud (1900-1985), son of Martin, had sons Ward, Thomas,
William, Fred Lee, and Richard Albert.
Ward (1923-1981) had  sons Fred Ray, Stephen and Roy and daughter Susan
"Grimsrud" Hoven. His grandchildren are Tara "Grimsrud" Zinch, Christian
(1977-1989), Martin Hoven, Robert Hoven, ChelsieHoven. His great
grandchildren are Addison Zinch, Aiden Zinch and Ava Zinch.
Thomas had son James and daughters Annette "Grimsrud" Kyle and Elizabeth
"Grimsrud" Fuller Botkin. His grandchildren are Brian, Jefferey, Shannon
Kyle, Madalyn Fuller Botkin, and Brooke Botkin.
William Jay had sons William John and Timothy and daughters Cindy
"Grimsrud" Miller and Cathleen. His grandchildren are Michael Miller,
Megan Miller, Fawn "Gabrielson" Ernste, Dylan, Rebecca, and Ryan.
Fred Lee had daughters Diane "Grimsrud" Nelson, and Linda "Grimsrud" Lind
His grandchildren are Matthew Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Christie "Nelson"
Payne, Nathan Lind, Joshua Lind, Sarah Lind and Rebeka Lind. His
greatgrandchildren are Luke Lind and Jadyn Lind.
Richard Albert had son Richard Alan and daughters Michelle "Grimsrud"
Beckwell Coyle and Tammy "Grimsrud" Johnson. His grandchildren are Grant
Leach, Devin, Alan, Danielle Beckwell, Isak Coyle, Cierra Coyle,
Nathaniel Johnson and Katherine Johnson.

To go back to the Christopher Grimsrud family history:  
M. C. Grimsrud, age 59, died on his
farm at South Range, yesterday
following a week’s illness.  Mr.
Grimsrud was one of the old residents
of Superior having been here for 35
years of which most of the time he was
engaged in the meat business, up until
three years ago when he moved onto
his farm.
He was active in politics, serving on the
city council for six years as alderman,
and also as meat and milk inspector
for some time.
He is survived by his wife, three sons,
Roy, Marvin and Fred, two brothers
Hans and Christ Grimsrud all of
Superior and two sisters, Mrs. Gust
Amundson of McGregor, Minn. And
Mrs. Ed. Widness of Sully, Minn., also
three brothers and five sisters in
Hannah married Arthur Foss and they had two children;
Howard Foss was born 18 June 1913 and at the age of 26 he
was killed in a tragic accident when he fell to his death from a
high scaffolding while working for Continental Chimney
Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Hannah and Arthur’s second child Grace was orphaned in
1918 when her mother died in the great flu epidemic of that
This newspaper clipping features two major
contributors to this family history. (Kari
Grimsrud Hoven was a daughter of Petter
Grimsrud born 1882 and the 12th child of
the 13 children of Christopher and Hanna
Grace Foss Erickson at the home of
her daughter Janis Brose seated at
center next to her mother. On the
right is Lisbeth Grimsrud who was
visiting in America with Jane and I in
1985. Lisbeth traces her family back
to A.C. Anders Grimsrud born 1871
the sixth child of 13 of Christopher
and Hanna.
27    Michelle "Grimsrud", "Beckwell" Coyle
28    Cierra Coyle
29    Fred Ray Grimsrud, son of Ward
30    Joy "Williams" Grimsrud
31   Susan "Grimsrud" Hoven
32   Diane "Grimsrud" Nelson
33   Rebekah Lind
34   Mary Lou "Johnson",Grimsrud
35   Cathleen Grimsrud
36   Julane "Spies" Grimsrud
37    Thomas Grimsrud
38   Fred Grimsrud
39   William Jay Grimsrud
40    Danielle Beckwell
41    Richard Albert Grimsrud
42    Isak Coyle
43  Aiden Zinck
44  Addison Zinck
45   Tara "Grimsrud",Zinck
46   Ava Zinck
47    Brooke Botkin
48   Luke Lind
49   Tracey "Warren",Lind
50   Nathan Lind
51  Jadyn Lind
52  Dylan Grimsrud
53  Rebecca Grimsrud
54  Ryan Grimsrud