tricycles or old jalopies will deliver to your door. They will be ringing bells, tooting whistles, or blasting
megaphones hawking everything from sweet breads to fruits and vegetables.
Home delivery of just about everything you need for your household from garden items to cooking gas
and drinking water make Mérida conveniently handy.
To this day neighborhood mom and pop grocery stores will supply many of your domestic needs and keep
you out of traffic.
The city’s main market is known as Lucas de Gálvez and is located in the central district. It has all the
provisions you will ever need to prepare Yucatecan or Méxican meals.

The size and magnitude of the main market is simply overwhelming. Located within the streets; 65- 69 and
54-56, it spills over into the adjacent streets and sidewalks. Take your camera.  You will want to plan many
return visits.   Don’t expect to see everything in one day.
Expect to see the unexpected. Sights, sounds and strange aromas will open up a new and intriguing world
to you.
Smiles and happy faces will be your reward for pleasantries exchanged and interest in the strange and
fascinating products.

Chicks, pidgins and rabbits are a few of the live critters available in the main market.
It you are into crate sized purchases direct from the farmer, visit the open air market behind the Casa de
Puebla located off 65 two blocks east of the main market. Neatly painted with a large monument to the
socialist hero or Yucatán Felipe Carrillo Puerto in front of it is hard to miss.  
Shopping at these markets is eco-friendly and cheaper than the super stores on locally produced fruits
and vegetables that change with the seasons.
A wonderful way to get to know and understand shopping in the markets is to take David Sterling’s
cooking school one day course at Los Dos (  Everybody that has taken the course has
raved about and recommended it.  
Scattered across Yucatán and through out Mérida are colorful fresh food markets filled with tantalizing
and enticing aromas of tropical fruits, vegetables and spices. Nearly all have food courts, tortilla shops
[molinos] and bakeries, [panaderías]. Bakeries are self-serve, so pick up a tray and tongs, then take your
selection to an attendant who will bag and price it for you.

                                 Shopping on Calle 54

Adjacent to the main market on calle 54 between 65 and 67 are located the best and most economical
outlets of bulk food commodities in Yucatán.

                                                 Inside Comercial Alamilla

To shop here first go to the above counter and place your order.  The board behind the counter lists the
products available and their prices. The clerk will enter your order into his computer, give you a total
price.  You then pay and are given a receipt which you carry to the counter to the rear of the store where
your merchandise is waiting.  

As soon as you pay for your order, the computer sends your order to the back room and the young men
pictured below hustle to get your order to the pick up counter.
Comercial Alamilla Merida Yucatan
Comercial Alamilla owned
controlled, fast, friendly
and extremely efficient
with posted prices and
always interesting
specials. If you want 10
grams or 100 kilograms you
will find everything from
pet food to every kind of
nut, seed, fruit, spice and
cereal available in México.
m They are bicycle friendly.
Felipe Farfan Comercial Alamilla Merida Yucatan
Line to pick up
Gabriel Lopez of Lopez Abarrotes y Cereals Merida Yucatan
Casa del Campisino Merida Yucatan
Comercial Alamilla is clean, neat, efficient, friendly, well stocked and above all with prices to beat or
match all others.  
Calle 54 is lined with a variety of stores packed with everything you could possibly need.
Lopez Abarrotes y Cereals also has extensive bulk commodities ranging from cacao, (chocolate beans) to
pet food and the owner, Gabriel Lopez speaks English.
La Mexicana is well worth the visit. They have an extensive selection, good prices and miraculously fill
your order. No prices or item list is posted.
Casa del Campesino features bulk products and is very busy.  Don’t be in a hurry here. Bring your
camera…it is a photo-opportunity.