Greetings from Mexico!
More than forty years ago, quite by chance, my wife Jane and I took up  bicycling when her doctor prescribed
it for leg problems.

We quickly discovered that cycling is not only healthy but good transportation and tons of fun.

Over the years we have biked Europe from Norway and Sweden to Spain and Portugal, from the Netherlands
to Poland and every inch of the Rhine River from the North Sea to the Swiss Alps plus nearly everything
in-between. We have also done extensive biking in Canada, Mexico and the US.

We live in an ecologically friendly home we designed and built in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico where
fabulous cycling adventures abound.

This web site along with our blogs features our favorite travel stories with photos.

So, be kind to the planet by enjoying ecologically friendly adventures. Start here with a visit to our bicycle/bus
back roads of Yucatán web site and see the things tourists miss most!

Our web site receives over 3,000 visits per month and is continuously up-dated with new stories and
informational links.
John M. (Bing) Grimsrud